1. S Type Bowens Bracket= L-type Bowens+ T-type Bowens+ L-type speed ring+ T-type speed ring, integration design, that and play, no need assembly, small volume, light weight, carrying does not occupy space.
2. Unique fixed form, equipped with non-slip mat, solid and reliable, no need magic tape. Lying or standing, hot shoes have no pressure.
3. Adjustable installation mouth, twist screw up or down to adjust chuck height, compatible with the height of lamp holder under 5cm’s roof hot shoe light, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.
4. General Bowens mouth, compatible with most of the film and television flash attachments, such as softboxes, standard reflectors, radome, tube light.
5. Equipped with umbrella hole, easy to install photography umbrella; Turn the spindle to adjust the angle of flash, fill light for different directions.

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UTEBIT S-Type Bracket with Bowens S Mount

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